2 thoughts on “ALBANY WATERFRONT

  1. Hey there, Cooper! I met you recently in Washington Square Park (not confident of the correct name). I’m in my late sixties – an aging amazon (6’ tall) with a personality that 3/4’s five year old girl. You asked to photograph me while I photographed the boathouse. Then, (please accept my apology), having granted permission for you to take some shots of me, I proceeded to cooperate with you just about as much as the average five year old girl would have.

    Now, my classically handsome young (maybe, I hope) friend, I would like to hire you to do my portrait. Please. This feels delightful, weird, and heady all at once. I’ve been a portraitist since the age of eight, when, having just read a book about Albert Schweitzer, I was inspired by some mystical source to draw his likeness with my #2 pencil, on my lined composition book.

    The resemblance was uncanny. They always are. No kidding, no hyperbole.

    Over the years, I worked diligently to improve my representational accuracy with the entire human body. Figure studies are my ultimate pleasure, and my most impressive skill. I sink into my most sensual meditative states while rendering hands and ears, arguably the most challenging body parts.

    But it’s representational, doncha know, which designates me, in the view of many fine artists, as the trailer trashed if the world of art.

    Screw ‘em.

    Anyhow, it’s both delightful and Twilight Zone-ish to commission you for my own portrait. I’m a mystical mirror, you see.
    It’s my job to show people their own beauty, through oils, clay, pen and ink, charcoal, and the humble pencil, where it all began, with Dr.Schweitzer.


    • Hello Melodie, my name is Cody and I do remember you. I actually posted that photo with you in it on my Instagram account. @dcsimmonsphoto is my IG handle. I do shoot portrait photography, what exactly did you have in mind?


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